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History of Poker

Poker is a widely known card game that belonged to the class of vying game. It is where players hide or partly show their cards and make bets into a central pot. The player that possesses the best combination of cards get the pot.

Poker originated 200 years ago and is said to have similar ancestry with the Renaissance game primero and the French brelan. It is theorized that Persian sailors introduced poker to French dwellers in New Orleans.

An actor even noted that he saw poker being played with a 20-card deck by four players in New Orleans in the year 1829. Poker as well as gambling spread through out the rest of United States through the Mississippi river.

During the American Civil War many additions to poker emerged. Some of them include stud poker, draw poker, and the straight. Poker also reached Asia through the American military that went there. It is to be remembered that poker and other card games became the favorite pastime of many Americans and even soldiers.

1970 made poker even more popular with the introduction of the World Series of Poker which is a poker tournament. Books and articles were then written about poker strategies and poker basics.

The introduction of online poker revolutionized poker playing. It made poker playing more convenient and accessible than ever. It also saved more time that could never have been possible before. The introduction of e-cash facilitated faster deposit and withdrawal of money online. It put away credit cards and money transfers and made fund transactions a lot more convenient for the players.

It was in 1998 when the first online poker room was launched. This was Planet Poker. Soon thereafter other online poker firms followed suit. In September of 2000 Poker Spot became the first online poker firm to offer poker tournaments online. This enabled the players to gain entry into real life poker tournaments like World Series of Poker.

This happened to Chris Moneymaker. He was able to gain entry into the World Series of Poker beating 839 entrants and winning first prize. Such an event proved beneficial for the poker industry because it catapulted poker into even more fame and encouraged people to try poker. This was later called the "Moneymaker effect".

As of the moment many online poker firms have emerged and some are even publicly traded online. Some countries even regulated and licensed online gambling companies proving the enormity of the poker industry.



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