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How to Play Tight Poker

Tight poker is not a type of poker; it is simply a case of few players playing the game and the one winner who will take home the pot doesn't take home much.

In a regular poker game, the right skill and strategy will definitely make anyone win the pot. Losing some rounds in between should not be an issue because if he plays it smart, he will still prevail.

With tight poker, there are usually a few players and the pots are smaller. However, there should be no reason why anybody shouldn't try and play this game. It is still poker with a little twist. Don't worry about the pot, even if it is not as much as what everybody normally wants, it is still a pay out and worth fighting for.

In tight poker, checking is done often times in order to get a free card whenever there's a draw. If a player places a bet at the heat of the checking session, the other players are likely to object. In some cases, tight poker could be played simultaneously and a player is allowed to change seats or tables. However, this is only applicable with land-based casinos.

If a player opted to play online, he can have many options. Another instance for a land-based tight poker is that if a player wants to raise the stakes as long as he can afford it, it is allowed. But if the stakes are too high, he can back out and transfer tables.

With the popularity of regular poker, tight poker seems to shy away from the limelight. Almost all poker lovers want to play and win high stakes right away so most of them shy away from playing tight poker.

With tight poker, a player has his options and he can formulate his strategies from playing on different tables. He can also observe and learn from the strategies of other players and use it to his advantage. When playing from one table to another, he should check first for the type of players on that particular table. If they are the hustler types, then it's best to transfer to another one with neophytes.

All forms of poker have only one objective, and that is to win the pot. But in order to win, one should know how to take chances and play strategically. In reality, gambling is indeed a game of chance, and everybody wants to try their luck on it.



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