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    Different Personality Types of Online Poker Players

    The field of psychology has detailed many personality types that exist in the human society/ these types are cataloged and determined according to scores in tests and questionnaire, and can be used to improve your online poker game strategy.

    Once you memorize and understand these types, you will use them in the actual poker game online and know what your opponents is like and how to beat them at any type of online poker.

    The Extrovert Online Poker Player

    When playing against this type of player, you will notice exaggerated acts and behaviors they are using as reactions for the games development. This is quite common for extrovert poker player and are used when they play online poker especially at times of stress in the game and hard decision making.

    The Introvert Online Poker Player

    Although it is harder to notice the reactions and bluffing of these online poker players, the advantage here is that every move these players make has more information that concerns the actual strategy of the player. Moreover, these players are easily intimidated by confident online poker players- even though those players don’t have the best hand of the two.

    The Negative Type Online Poker Player

    This type of player is expected to have a negative facial reaction when getting a bad hand or when a similar bad game move is made. You can take it to your advantage by celebrating your winnings and urging this kind of player to fold and quit the game midway.

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