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Poker Profiles: Ted Forrest

Ted Forrest is one of the versatile players around. He knows how to win bracelets an he certainly knows how to cash in. In fact, his colorful career that span over a decade has earned him not less than five World Series of Poker bracelets and a little over $5 million of wealth. That is quite impressive because not many players are able to get rich and famous at the same time, especially since there are a lot of great money players and tournament players around.

To give you a backgrounder, Ted is a New York native. He was born on September 24, 1964. It was in Las Vegas, where he currently resides, that he got a proper introduction to Poker. He started playing at age 20. The accessibility of his work place from the casino made it impossible for Ted to resist the temptations that gambling present. When he finally indulged and won a couple of straws, he sent himself to college. But no, getting a full time job earning $36,000 a year is not his cup o' tea. Ted dropped out of school with only nine credits short for graduation and pursued Poker as a full time career.

For some Poker aficionados who have seen Ted in many games, Ted is one daredevil. He has won a million bucks and lost that same amount too in a single event. He is also never afraid to oblige on dare bets. In fact, he has won and lost a lot of them already. Ted's no fear attitude got him to where he is now. As soon as he saw the potential of Poker making people really rich without ever requiring them to work too hard, he knew that this is the industry where he belongs.

Ted is an expert in Seven Card Stud, Razz, Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, Omaha Hi-Lo, and No Limit Hold'em. Aside from going through the circuit for worthy tournament events, Ted is also on the lookout for deserving players that need a cash backup. He generously lends a hand to anyone needing his help. That is one reason Ted is well-loved in the Poker world. The other reason is on how he makes a killing at the Poker table. He has earned three of his WSOP bracelets on a single year, at the 1993 event, and scooped up the other two at the 2004 event. Indeed, Ted likes getting them in batches!



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