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Women of Poker: Brandi Williams

Brandi Williams, poker celebrity and recognizable face of the poker world, is the host of the renowned Ultimate Poker Challenge television show. The camera appears to have fallen in love with her natural curves and enticing face, as even with others hosts on the show Brandi would be more onscreen than anyone else. Who can blame the producers or the cameraman?

Before her stint on the Ultimate Poker Challenge, Brandi Williams performed in numerous other jobs. The poker celebrity grew up in the quiet area of Perryopolis and first tasted fame as a cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals. Brandi would move to Las Vegas later on in her life. Ryan Seacrest, among other famous hosts and celebrities, have had the chance to share the screen with this poker beauty. Brandi has appeared in numerous other television shows such as Entertainment and as a hostess for NYE live. This would only be the beginning for the poker beauty.

Among other things, this poker celebrity has earned the names "Queen of Hearts" and "Princess of Poker". A large number of websites and plenty of gambling magazines have agreed on these titles for Brandi Williams. In the year of 2004, Brandi aided and helped in hosting the famous show "America's Party" and later on, would even star in a movie called "Pretty Cool Too" as a program that helps a geek straighten up their life and have other starring roles coming up on the horizon. Her celebrity life is surely expanding beyond the casino walls and tables.

The Ultimate Poker Challenge took her as its host on its premiere season and gave Brandi her first real big start in the wide world of poker. It quickly became an unstoppable train of poker, quickly becoming syndicated. Big names have come up on the tournament style show, names such as Chris Ferguson and Phil Laak. After a few seasons, the Ultimate Poker Challenge has quickly become a fan favorite. That favoritism has repeatedly shown itself in its ratings and continued success on television.

The poker celebrities life continues unabated, as Brandi Williams would continue her life on television. She covers other celebrities that have chosen to become involved in the event as a host and also announces the winners. If she sticks to her guns and plays her cards right, Brandi Williams may suddenly become the face of poker as we know. There are thousands, if not millions of people in the world who would certainly not complain.



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